The DASH between the day you are born and the day you leave this earth is the most important symbol of your life.  Have you ever stopped to think about what your personal legend is going to be? Defining your Dash coaching is all about helping you make sure you are living your life in a way that makes you feel fulfilled.

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Do you remember the dreams that you had when you were younger? You know, the ones where you were playing for your favorite professional sports team, celebrating winning a national championship or maybe for you it was performing in front of thousands of people in Madison Square garden or the Staples center.

Either way your dream went, there was some point in life that you had a dream and a coach helping you get there. An amazing coach, who was able to help you push past the self defined limits that you gave yourself.

Do you remember how this person challenged you to be the absolute best you could be?

Do you remember how amazing it felt when you finished that workout or perfected that part of the performance that you had been telling yourself you could not do?

I am pretty sure if you close your eyes and think real hard you will remember that one individual in your life that always got you past that mental sticking point, who held you accountable daily and who never allowed you to give up on yourself.

Who is that person for you these days?

Here enters me! I am the Sports Coach for the Game of Life.

I know what it takes to move from one place in life to another to be the person you want to become. (For my story, check out my about me page if you have not done so already.)

Taking on the COMMITMENT of working with me means the following things….


  • YOU are going to be pushed to do things that you never even allowed yourself to imagine.
  • WE are going to work together to close the gap between the life you have now and the life you know you should be living.
  • YOU will be challenged daily to STOP playing the small game in life.
  • YOU will begin asking and answering the real hard questions that you have been afraid to explore in the past.
  • YOU will DEFINE YOUR DASH and create your personal legacy.

Now look, my services are not some cookie cutter, scripted template program that I use on every single person I work with. My work is specifically tailored to the individual that I am partnering with. My commitment to you is to be present and serve you as powerfully as I can each and every session we have.

You see, you do not need a coach and because of that I refuse to work with people who feel that they do. I only work with individuals that want a coach because they understand how important this is when trying to create a shift in your life. You are not paying me for my time, my advice or even my experience- you are making an investment in yourself for the possibility of creating YOUR dreams and living the life you want.


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