Here are the services that I offer:

Defining Your Dash Monthly Coaching

Let’s tackle it all. This is the best way to start creating the best version of yourself. The clients that I work with here see the fastest and best growth. We get to take the time to truly explore you at the deepest level. We will dive in together and create an experience that will allow you to truly peel back the layers that have been holding you back.

Essence of Your Essence Coaching

Maybe jumping into the full coaching package is not right for you at this moment, but you would still like some help creating an immediate shift in your life. During our first conversation(s) we explored why you do the things that you do and what could be if. In this conversation, we will cover one topic, one issue or challenge that has been troubling you and spend 2-3 hours diving deep into it. At the end, you will walk away with a new found understanding of yourself, an action plan to help you with achievement and a shift that you could not have even imagined.

The “Weekend-Tailor Made to You” DYD

Let’s just call this your transformative weekend. One weekend, you and I, one on one. We will deal with every challenge that comes up. I will challenge you to push past limits and put an end to you playing the small game of life. Together we will create an experience that will open you up to a world of possibility that you never thought possible.

Are you ready to create that shift that you have been dreaming about and talking about for years?

Are you ready to quit playing the small game in life?

If your answer was a HELL YES to BOTH of the questions above, follow this link and drop me your info. Let’s connect and see if we will be a great fit to work together.


The Sports Coach of Life

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