South East Asia- The Dream Trip

Chiang Mai Temple View


Update- Sorry for the delay in posting. The internet connections that I had for the first month of the trip have been pretty bad. Below is the post that I wrote after week one!


At this point I have been gone from home just a little over a week. The only words that I have to describe this experience are: Mind Freaking Blowing.

I feel like I have been gone for well over a month with all of the memories that I have already created and the experiences that I have had.

Week One included: Tigers, Huge Snakes, Elephants, Hiking in Jungles, gorgeous temples, waterfalls, Muay Thai fights, English bars that had entertainment and so much more.

What was my favorite thing so far you might be wondering? Honestly, I can not put my finger on one thing. Each and every experience has been amazing. But I think the best thing for me here has been my ability to expand myself. To change the way that I once saw the world and the thoughts I had about things.

This trip has given me the chance to be authentically me.

Here what I look like does not matter.

Here how much money I have does not matter.

The only thing that matters here is the person that you show up as.

There were a few times that I caught myself feeling bad for some of the people that we saw because they did not have much. Then I realized just how off that thought was. Every single person that I have met in Asia has been so happy.

They live simple lives and do not have much, but they are fine with that. The simplest joys in life put the biggest smiles on their faces. The cutlure here is very proud. Age is not a reason to stop doing. They work until they are unable to work anymore and do not complain about it. Another thing that I found so amazing is just how much money this culture puts into the construction of these temples. They have so little, yet they are so giving. Money is not everything over here and that is simply amazing.

Some of the sites that I have been able to experience were literally breath taking. One of the temples that we walked into was a perfect metaphor for life. There were about 100 stairs that we needed to walk up in order to get to this particular temple. The view once you got to the top was amazing. The inside of the temple was absolutely gorgeous. Nothing like anything I have ever seen before.



For about 2 minutes I stood trying to catch my breath and compose myself because I was feeling a little verklempt. As I walked back down, it hit me-that perfect metaphor of what the stairs represented not only for me that day, but for everything in life. They say that the first step is always the hardest in anything that we are trying to do. It definitely gets harder around the middle as we get tired, but the pay off is ALWAYS worth it when you make it to the top. Life will look like the beautiful gold statue that I found at the top.

Chiang Mai Temple

Traveling is a way to open and expand yourself. In one week, I have crossed 4 things off my bucket list. These are four things that I always thought would take me a lifetime to see. I found a perfect quote that really sums up the question that people kept asking me before I left “Why do you want to go on this trip?”

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there will see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

What this trip is teaching me is that there is so much more to the belief in possibility than I ever thought. Most of you know that I am always working to become the better version of myself. Being at home and diving into living my life was just the first step. Traveling has opened up so many different doors and dreams for me.

It has only been a week but I will be forever changed by this experience.

With 6 more weeks left on this journey, I am excited to see who I will become by the end.

For everyone that is thinking that they can not experience a trip like this, I am here to prove to you that you can.

For everyone that is thinking that I am so lucky to be on this trip, I am here to show you that it was not luck. If you make the commitment you can be sitting where I am today writing your own amazing blog post.

My one hope is that that my words will inspire just one person to take a trip like this for themselves. The trip that will begin to truly help them define their dash.

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