What Mariah Carey Taught Me About Believing

This week, Mariah Carey added another amazing accomplishment to her already fabulously successful career–a residency in Las Vegas at the Caesar’s place. While I am not going to be able to attend a concert until closer to the beginning of August, just realizing how close Vegas is to me sent me back down memory lane.

Now, some of you might get stuck around the content of this post being about Mariah Carey, but I promise you, if you listen for (or in this case read haha) the message behind the words and apply them to your own life–there is a gift for you in there as well.

While I was in Asia on my trip, I wrote an entry that I had every intention of keeping just for myself after seeing her perform in Singapore. But as I went down memory lane of being at the concert, I decided to dig it up, read it and loved the nostalgic feeling that came back as I read each word.

The words on that page have given me another gift. A beautiful memory of an unforgettable trip and the return of the feeling that I had as I sat in the concert seat in complete amazement that I, Kai, was in Singapore watching the one and only Mariah Carey.

“Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe, somehow you will. You will when you believe.”

                                                                                                                                                                            Mariah Carey “When You Believe”



October 26th, 2014

Today I am sitting on a beach watching the sunset as I write this post. Only 25 days into my trip, I find it amazing that it is still not quite yet half over.

My eyes have seen so much during this short time.

My body and heart have opened and proven to me that they are both still capable of feeling.

My mind has been twisted and turned and taken to places that I never thought it would go.

Two days ago, I sat in a seat at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, as I experienced one of my biggest bucket list items—seeing Mariah Carey in concert in Asia.

Two days ago, I made one of the biggest nights in my life happen.

Two days ago, my belief in what is possible when you set your mind to it completely skyrocketed.

Two days ago, sitting in that chair, the trajectory of my life changed forever.

Two days ago, I realized how much more enjoyable my already amazing life is when you fulfill a commitment to yourself that allows you to experience your biggest dreams.

Two days ago, I was so overcome with gratitude and emotion that I cried. Not once but twice.  Once outside prior to the concert and once during Mariah’s beautiful performance of Hero.

Two days ago, I felt so alive. So happy. So thankful. So proud.

Sitting here on this beach watching as the light slowly fades away and remembering how I felt those few days leading up to the concert, how I felt during and the high I had after, I am experiencing an enormous amount of bliss.

All along I have called this trip my “Dream Trip“. Not because of the destinations. Not because of the beaches. Not just because of the Mariah concert.  But because of all the experiences that I knew I was going to have.

The doors it was going to allow my eyes to see open.

The feelings it was going to bring to my heart.

Best thing is, I was so right about it but oh so wrong at the same time. I know that each trip I take from here on out will be filled with the same type of experiences. But nothing will ever take the place of this first trip.

This first trip has been magical.

This first trip will always have a special place in my heart.

This first trip has humbled me.

This first trip has changed me.

This first has been extraordinary.

This first trip is defining MY dash.

What is that HUGE dream you have had since you were younger? What is stopping you from getting there? What do you want to do about that today to make it happen?




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